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Responsive or Adaptive Web Design?

The age of mobile marketing is upon us. With mobile users accounting for 30 to 50 percent of online traffic, commercial websites cannot afford to ignore the small screen market. The shift to mobile access led the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to recommend that website designers strive to make ...

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Amazing MRI Produce

Andy Ellison runs the blog Inside Insides, which has an amazing image collection of produce that has been scanned with an MRI. Andy is a MRI technologist at Boston University Medical School. I encourage you to check his blog again and again as he is continually updating with new and ...

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5 Tips for Designing for Mobile Apps

With the majority of Internet users having smartphones and using apps, you want to be sure your company has an app as well. Many users prefer using apps to browsing mobile-friendly websites due to less data usage and easier navigation. Mobile apps are actually not as difficult as you might ...

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The Latest Trend of Valentine Vector Images on Depositphotos

The Latest Trend of Valentine Vector Images on Depositphotos Valentine day had passed. All of stock photos agencies on the internet had tried their best to use this special occasion to gain better sale. Various kinds of promos, discounts, trials, and etcetera had given to their buyers and potential buyers ...

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The Charming Illustrations of Ekaterina Koroleva

I came across the work of Ekaterina Koroleva and really loved her illustrations. They remind me a bit of Egon Schiele, one of my favorite artists. I also like that she uses different materials in her work, like lace. Here is a small sample of her charming work:

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The Science of Color: How to Improve Conversions with Color

When looking at the effectiveness of a website's marketing campaign, it is important to look at the conversion rate. This number looks at how many people visit the site, and choose to do more than casually browse. A successful conversion rate is one in which an increasing percentage of guests leave their personal ...

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Benefits of Free App Development Process

With the Smartphones gaining so much popularity, the app development sector is equally gaining importance. The sector seems to be growing at an enormous rate. While developing an app the foremost thing that needs to be decided by the app developer is the platform for which the app ...

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10 Free Fun Holiday Fonts

The holidays are fast approaching, which means Christmas cards, parties and decorations. Below is a round-up of free fonts you can use for any holiday projects. Flakes Christmas Lights Candy Cane Kingthings Christmas Kingthings Flashbang PF Wreath Ornamental Snowflake Letters 101 Gift Janda Sparkle and Shine

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10 Free Spooky Halloween Photoshop Brushes

I really love photoshop brushes, and there are some really cool and creepy ones out there for Halloween. Check these free brushes out and tell me what you think: Blood and Ink Brushset Blood Splatter Brushes Eerie Pack Spiderz Cobweb Brushes Skull Brushes To the Bat Cave Jack-O-Lantern Brushes Halloween Brushes Halloween Elegante

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11 Free Creepy Halloween Fonts

A Lolita Scorned Along Came a Spider Hyundai Veloster is a performance vehicle. Black Initial Veloster Turbo for the corners. Bloodsucker Proxy Buffied Horny Devils Skullphabet Trinigan White fang Zombie Holocaust

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