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  • Ten Awesome 3D Text Effect Photoshop Tutorials

    These 3D text effects should add a little spice to your designs!
    Liquid Splat Effect

    Fresh Cartoon Effect

    Cool Ribbon Sunburst Effect

    Graffiti Text Effect

    Hellfire Sunken Floor Text Effect

    Colored Chrome Text Effect

    Cool Lighting and Shading on 3D Text

    Text Turned Into a Flaming Meteor

    Steaming Cold Ice Text Effect

    3D Blocks Text Effect

  • 13 Cool Free Sci-fi Fonts

    I think Sci-fi fonts get overlooked a lot. But these futuristic fonts really make movie titles, game titles, and other titles iconic. I gathered for you 13 free Sci-fi fonts. Although some might argue these aren’t all “Sci-fi”, I pulled the list based on how the designer described them. Let me know which one you like best.


    The personal blog of Cobus Bester has a simple layout with a white background. The blue bubbles dinamically change their status depending on the content, really nice.
    It is an example of minimalism in web design, the pages and the contents are easily navigable thanks to a useful toolbar on the top.
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  • 15 Ways to Improve Website Crawling

    If you want maximum search engine traffic you need to make sure all your content is indexed by the search engines. Follow these tips below and you will not only improve your site, but you will also improve indexing and traffic gains over the long-term.
    1. Create a breadcrumb trail – Not only are these great for improving usability, but they also add structure to your site and help search engines find deep content.
    2. Add 3-5 related posts at the end …

  • is a great example of single page portfolio for Anne Schoenemann. The website has a big and stunning background illustration, a big decorated heart, and a unique use of purple tones.
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