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  • October 2009, 50+ Bookmarks To Collect The Best Of The Web

    The Best of the Web selected by PV.M Garage. Every month I take a look around and select some of the most interesting readings and resources published on great websites.
    October was a very intensive month. Take your time to read these fantastic articles written by helpful people for the design community.
    That’s all guys… I hope you’ll find useful these bookmarks.

  • How to Realize a Daily Activities Widget in WordPress Sidebar using SimplePie

    It’s the moment of Social Networking and Social Bookmarking. Twitter, Delicious, Digg, Facebok… yes, maybe I’m doped! Yes, I believe in the power of the Social Connection. So I decided to show my social on-line life on PV.M Garage. How?
    See in the bottom of my sidebar and you’ll understand. I’m convinced that sharing my updates on social web-site the reader could know more about me and my thinking and for this he could be encouraged for returning on my blog.

  • Speed Design From Code Year

    I found out about Code Year a couple days ago. It is a website launched by a Y-combinator company called CodeAcademy. They grabbed quite a lot of attention by signing up 200,000 users in just two days. Recently, I stumbled onto this post by the landing page designer about how he designed the CodeYear landing page. I think the key takeaways here are to focus on simplicity and what you want the visitor to do. Enjoy!

  • You Are What You Eat

    I ran across this interesting post today. The photographer took photographs of refrigerators for a variety of individuals. It is interesting to me what you can tell about person just by the stuff in their refrigerator.

    A bartender’s fridge. He goes to sleep at 8AM and wakes up at 4PM daily.

    A hunter’s freezer. He just shot a 12pt buck.

    A short-order cook. Why is there a rattlesnake in her freezer?

    I guess I don’t need to even write that this one is a …

  • What A Difference 17 Years Makes

    One academic that I follow online, just decided to update his personal website. His original design is 17 years old. You can see that one here. I didn’t know there were serious sites that looked like that still on the internet. His new home page is here. It’s not much, but I think it is interesting how much the availability of programs like Wordpress and templating has changed the look of the internet. Without these types of software a lot …

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