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  • 4 Steps To A Successful Web Startup, From The Founder of Concept Feedback, an interactive community for web developers and designers, provides a free and simple tool for getting third-party reviews on design concepts. Concepts may be posted publicly or privately and can include websites, logos, advertisements, videos, and more. Once a concept has been posted, feedback is automatically collected and archived for the user to help improve the concept and get better post-launch results. In addition to a distinctive professional network, registered users have the capability to post concepts privately, for …

  • January 2010, Fresh Bookmarks To Collect The Best Of The Web

    The Best of the Web selected by PV.M Garage. Every month I take a look around and select some of the most interesting readings and resources published on great websites.
    Take your time to read these fantastic articles written by helpful people and discover as the design community has said “Welcome!” at 2010.
    That’s all guys… I hope you’ll find useful these bookmarks.

  • Become A WordPress Theme Developer Who Rocks In Four Steps (and 50+ readings)

    It has been proved. You can become a “RockStar” developing WordPress themes. Think at the audience, think at the creative process… in my opinion a great WP theme is like a great rock song.
    In my experience I’ve developed some themes for this great blogging platform and when I start a new WordPress-based project my mind automatically thinks at the development of the website in four steps (once the concept is set). My brain sends me the following orders: first, …

  • How (and Why!) to Craft an Online Reputation Management Plan

    Your company invests in marketing, business development, and sales—but what about internet reputation management? As a professional, it’s your job to ensure that your company’s brand image is working toward your company’s goals. Leaving your organization’s reputation up to whatever Google’s algorithm chooses to publicize is simply unacceptable. Reputation management services are indispensable for any company that wants to thrive.
    And what about your individual goals? You work hard to create a good name for yourself by doing the right thing …

  • Creating a Simple Photo Site in Photoshop (Part 1)

    In this tutorial, we are going create a minimalist photo site using Photoshop. We will use subtle effect and texture to give this site a classic style. This is the first of two part tutorial. In the second part, we will code it into functional web page.

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