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  • The Charming Illustrations of Ekaterina Koroleva

    I came across the work of Ekaterina Koroleva and really loved her illustrations. They remind me a bit of Egon Schiele, one of my favorite artists. I also like that she uses different materials in her work, like lace. Here is a small sample of her charming work:

  • Roundup of WaterColor in Web Design: 25+ Amazing Examples, 50+ Resources And Tutorials

    Seeking for beautiful web designs on some web galleries I observed the propension of many designers in using Water Colored Effects to create a colorful and expressive web-sites. This trend has become famous in 2008 but it is still widely used, this for its outrightness and its expressive power.
    With few simple steps it’s possible to design a very meaningful web layout that immediately puts the reader inside the content.
    Don’t you believe it? Read Create a Nice Web Portfolio Design …

  • Useful Domain Checking Tool

    Yesterday I was at GoDaddy’s site trying to find a good domain name for a new site I wanted to register. This proved to be a bit cumbersome as everything I thought of was taken. If you type in a domain, you have to wait for the page to refresh to get your results, and this can be a painful process sometimes. I was starting to think that every damn name on the internet was owned by some squatter.
    Today, after …

  • The New PV.M Garage, A Fresh Change (With Special Giveaway)

    I’m proud to launch the new PV.M Garage today! It’s the first complete redesign for the blog and I hope you like the new layout.
    Behind a deeply redesign there should be great motivations. My desire to redesign isn’t only aesthetic-driven, but it is purpose-driven. In fact in this case there are three main reasons on why I’ve launched the new version. I want to emphasize the contents, highlight community’s work and refresh the graphic for a clean layout. In a …

  • October 2009, 50+ Bookmarks To Collect The Best Of The Web

    The Best of the Web selected by PV.M Garage. Every month I take a look around and select some of the most interesting readings and resources published on great websites.
    October was a very intensive month. Take your time to read these fantastic articles written by helpful people for the design community.
    That’s all guys… I hope you’ll find useful these bookmarks.

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