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  • Make a Slick and Dark Button Sprite

    In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a slick download button in Photoshop and then use it as a button sprite. We will also cover some basic CSS techniques to make this design fully functional.


    Orman Clark is a UK based professional web designer. His portfolio is a great and clever example of very well-done single page website. It has stunning illustrations and a clear and creative organization of the contents. Great work!
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  • Group Interview: The Daily Challenges Of Young Designers And Developers

    Young designers are actually always in a very intensive process of changing, they are learning new techniques and improving their skills. As every designer has to experience this process, but it’s really interesting to see how different young designers, and developer, approach this process. So, I interviewed four young (highly-skilled) designers (and developers) about their thoughts.

  • 5 Reasons you will never make it as a freelancer

    So, you’ve been bit with the freelance bug and you’re ready to stop dipping your toes into “side projects” and actually dive into the deep end and turn your life around? You’ve got a new desk, a new computer, a 5 year plan and your first client. You’re off to the races, right? Wrong. Before you get too ahead of yourself, please be aware that most of you will not make it as a freelancer. You’re not built for this …

  • Entrepreneurs that inspire you to grow your internet business

    Individuals who have build conglomerate corporations from nothing to becoming multi-millionaires or in some cases billionaires inspire small businesses owners to continue to push towards success in their business. I’ve rounded up a few of my top choices of very successful entrepreneurs who have inspired those in business including myself.

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