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  • How to Show Recent Posts with NewsTicker Effect in WordPress Sidebar

    With this little tutorial I want to illustrate the way in order to show recent articles with newsticker effect on the sidebar of your wordpress blog. The term “newsticker” refers to a small section of the page in which we can read the last news (the last ones post in this case) with the typical sliding effect of the on-line magazine.
    The execution of this script demands to edit some files of your template, therefore it is better idea a …

  • October 2009, 50+ Bookmarks To Collect The Best Of The Web

    The Best of the Web selected by PV.M Garage. Every month I take a look around and select some of the most interesting readings and resources published on great websites.
    October was a very intensive month. Take your time to read these fantastic articles written by helpful people for the design community.
    That’s all guys… I hope you’ll find useful these bookmarks.

  • Create An Animated Gif Banner

    Here is what we will be creating today:
    This technique is very useful for any serious marketers of any industry who need create animated banners for ad networks , its also good fun.
    Step 1
    As this is a tut about banners to comply with most banner ad networks rules we’ll keep this close to 100kb . First off create a new document at 250 x 250.
    Step 2
    Go to pvm garage .com the site we are creating the banner for. To be authentic …


    The mind behind the building of is a genius. This web interface is a perfect combination of different design and coding techniques in order to build an high-quality website to present a working company. The background changes for every page, there is an effective navigation menu that makes it easy-to-navigate and a great use of jQuery. In one word, unique!
    More Details

  • Photoshop Treats

    I stumbled across Pugly Pixel while searching for quick and easy Photoshop tutorials. Pugly Pixel is ran by Katrina, who has created a great selection of freebies for download. She also offers services/extras for a very reasonable charge.  I’m really impressed by her clear instructions and the short and sweet projects she offers. The “freebies” section of her site include tutorials, downloadable images, and blog layouts. This is such a great resource for those just starting out in Photoshop. Here …

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