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  • Review

    Yesterday, I went through the order process on for some business cards. This is the same great company that sponsored a giveaway here on PVMGarage a month ago. As the name suggests NextDayFlyers focuses on delivering your order quickly. If you’ve gotten behind on some design work, and need to have flyers delivered to a client tomorrow they can make it happen.
    Using their website is pretty straightforward, so lets dive right in and get some business cards printed. …

  • 25 awesome price graphs for your inspiration

    Running a website that offers different payment plans requires time, dedication and (as of late) a killer design for the pricing page. You can’t just list the pricing anymore – you need to design something that shows the high quality you offer and that’s exactly what these 25 websites do. They all have great pricing graphs and they all display the items in their own respective ways. I hope you enjoy the showcase and it inspires you when you’re designing …


    Minimal design with a clever grid-based layout. is really user-friendly, its great readability and its useful drop-down menu make it really easy to read and navigate.
    When less is more, a perfect website with few design elements.
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  • Finding Images on the Internet

    There are three sites I have run across which have a large amount of graphics available for free download. While searching through google image search can yield decent results, depending on what you’re looking for it can be more trouble than its worth.
    Stock.xchng – This is a site for free stock photos. While stock.xchng doesn’t have the largest selection of stock photos, you definitely get more than you pay for. Interestingly enough, stock.xchng is …

  • Interview with

    Recently we had the pleasure of meeting with the owner of Capsis Media, a custom website design and development company based out of Toronto, Canada. The company caught our attention for their quality and pricing for custom websites. The “short” interview took nearly 1 hour, however we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to talk with the owner.
    Who is Capsis Media?
    Capsis Media is a company, which I established back in April 2004. The company has been through several …

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