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  • is a clean, minimalist and illustrated site for wealth management firm.
    More Details

  • Interview with Chris Spooner of Spoon Graphics

    Many thanks to Chris Spooner for taking the time to answer some of PV.M Garage questions.
    Chris is the guy he guy behind Blog.SpoonGraphics. This site acts as my digital playground, where I present Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials, articles around the subject of design and a bunch of free vector and resource giveaways. The blog have 15.000 visitors every day and 20k+ subscribers for this Spooner is one of the most known web designers and bloggers in the world.

    Chris, welcome to …

  • The Apple iPhone Will Fail

    The Apple iPhone has been such an astounding success story that I think it is really funny to go back and read what analysts thought just five years ago.
    Check out what this Bloomberg writer had to say.
    I wonder if he still has a job?

  • An interview with Nick Pagano of Think Design Blog

    To continue meetings with hard-workers and helpful persons in Web Design, I’m pleased to share this quick interview with Nick Pagano.
    Nick is the founder of Think Design Blog, a graphic design site where you can find freebies, resources, inspiration and much more.

  • What A Difference 17 Years Makes

    One academic that I follow online, just decided to update his personal website. His original design is 17 years old. You can see that one here. I didn’t know there were serious sites that looked like that still on the internet. His new home page is here. It’s not much, but I think it is interesting how much the availability of programs like Wordpress and templating has changed the look of the internet. Without these types of software a lot …

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