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  • Divero Jeans

    Divero Jeans corporate website design.

  • $2500 FREE Custom Website and Programming Contest from Capsis Media

    Our friends at Capsis Media are offering one of our readers a free, completely custom website design and programming project through a comment contest on pvmgarage. Capsis Media is a Toronto based company which offers website design, development, and custom programming with focus on producing 100% custom web designs and coding. Capsis stands out from the competition by offering 100% truly custom designs and always include unlimited revisions during the drafting stage.

  • Entrepreneurs that inspire you to grow your internet business

    Individuals who have build conglomerate corporations from nothing to becoming multi-millionaires or in some cases billionaires inspire small businesses owners to continue to push towards success in their business. I’ve rounded up a few of my top choices of very successful entrepreneurs who have inspired those in business including myself.

  • has a unique dark design with a good use of colors. It is an excellent example of how to create contrast between bakckground and a design element, like the navigation menu.
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  • NextDayFlyers Update

    I just wanted to chime in here and say that after my review of NextDayFlyers, I received my order and everything turned out great. The print quality was good and they do indeed ship your order out the next day. If you have a rush design order I definitely recommend giving NextDayFlyers a shot. My sample order from them consisted of business cards and postcards. The design I submitted was for a local dog daycare business. Here’s a version of …

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