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  • 75+ Logo Designs from the Football World

    I’m a football lover and with the 2010 FIFA World Cup well on it’s way in South Africa, we have created some of the best football team logos.
    Check our list and let us know which on is your favorite with a comment… you can also suggest a logo not in list.
    Enjoy it!
    Club Teams
    AaB Aalborg (Denmark)

    Ajax (Nederlands)

    Arsenal (England)

    Bohemians Dublin (Ireland)

    Celtic (Scotland)

    Chelsea FC (England)

    Cork City (Ireland)

    Cosenza Calcio (Italy)

    CSKA Moscow (Russia)

    Derby County (England)

    Dinamo Kiev (Ukraine)

    FC Bayern München (Germany)

    FC Dallas (USA)

    Hannover (Germany)

    Hull City …

  • 12 Amazing Grunge PhotoShop Tutorials

    The word “grunge” means something dirty, that doesn’t have any apparent order. This term is also known as identifying a current music that has developed in the early 90s in Seattle. In the web and graphic designer is a style of composition that in recent times has been widely used.
    A grunge work is easily recognizable, in fact the main elements give the general feeling of disorder, objects aged, dirty, sometimes extemporaneous; but the interested thing is that the overall result …


    A dark design for a stunning single page portfolio. Andrew Canham uses divinely textures and colors to create a direct and neat design. He shows his works through a gracious slideshow, the contact form, on the bottom, is very captivating. Creative, simple and effective, great work!
    More Details

  • Digging Into E-Commerce Website Design: Overview, Best Practices and Examples

    Post sponsored by: Ecommerce Software
    The World Wide Web is a privileged channel for spreading good ideas and, in this time of crisis, it could be very useful to improve a business. Internet provides many possibilities to enhance, in different ways, our activities and one of this surely is the electronic commerce.
    Here the first words on Wikipedia to describe the electronic commerce:
    “Electronic commerce consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet …

  • Six important questions to be asked before you start a new logo design project

    The identification mark or the emblem created to recognize a particular enterprise or an organization is called logo. It may be in form of signature, symbol, sign board, of flag. In all cases it requires an intensive and hardworking mechanism to create. After this the question arises that for what reason logos are used? Thus the best way to answer this question is to mark the words, to recognize, to inspire and to gain superiority. Logos are effective from a …

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