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  • How to Realize a Daily Activities Widget in WordPress Sidebar using SimplePie

    It’s the moment of Social Networking and Social Bookmarking. Twitter, Delicious, Digg, Facebok… yes, maybe I’m doped! Yes, I believe in the power of the Social Connection. So I decided to show my social on-line life on PV.M Garage. How?
    See in the bottom of my sidebar and you’ll understand. I’m convinced that sharing my updates on social web-site the reader could know more about me and my thinking and for this he could be encouraged for returning on my blog.


    Great single page portfolio with beautiful illustrations. Simple header and a well-done slideshow with featured works say “Welcome” to the visitors, who can learn more about Sara Tusar scrolling the page or using the menu.
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    A super-clean and minimal layout design for a blog that aims at documenting the design and construction of our future accessible home. is a superb blog layout with a good use of typography… great inspiration!
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  • Worlds top 10 fashion brands and their websites

    Recently I was working on a design project for a high-end fashion company. I thought it would be great inspiration for everyone to have the top 10 fashion brands in the world presented PVM Garage. View the designs below for excellent inspiration on your next fashion design project.

  • Visual Journey To Brazil: Showcase of Great Photos

    When one from a foreign country thinks of Brazil, the first images that will come to their mind are probably Pão de Açúcar, Copacabana beach, rain forest, samba, Rio de Janeiro and great soccer (well, not this year, but that’s another story…). In fact, reality may contain many of these clichés, but Brazil is more multifarious and opposed.

    Avenida Presidente Vargas – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

    A view of Rio de Janeiro II

    Corcovado – Cristo Redentor – Brasil – Rio de …

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