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  • Tools to Help You Create Your Next Infographic

    Designers know that no matter how eloquent a writer you are sometimes a picture just says it better. Visual data can often translate information better and faster than textual. Today, we are wired to recall what we’ve seen faster than what we’ve read, which makes infographics a great way to deliver your message.
    Infographics deliver for a variety of reasons:

    Short attention spans are long enough to take in the message from a colorful infographic.
    Infographics call attention to information easier than blocks …

  • 55 Unconventional And Original Free Fonts For An Unique Design

    Creating a nice and legible typography for your web/graphic design is hard work and needs time and dedication. Sometimes we also need further, important, component that can enhance and make unique a design project, this element is the originality. The designer’s ability of mixing different components using particular details, or of tackling the plan in a very personal way, can make stunning the final result of a design process. …

  • How to Draw Globe Icon Using Photoshop

    In this tutorial, we will draw a nice globe icon using Photoshop. The globe is made from a simple glossy 3D ball with a modified continent map on in.

  • Web Design Blog World Cup 2009, Following The Community Heroes

    I love Web Design Community and I daily follow many blogs an magazines aimed to propose new ideas and useful articles for concerned people.
    For this reason I’ve collected my favourite websites in this post (seeking in my personal bookmarks), but below there isn’t a simple list.

  • 13 Cool Free Sci-fi Fonts

    I think Sci-fi fonts get overlooked a lot. But these futuristic fonts really make movie titles, game titles, and other titles iconic. I gathered for you 13 free Sci-fi fonts. Although some might argue these aren’t all “Sci-fi”, I pulled the list based on how the designer described them. Let me know which one you like best.

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