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  • Mega Drop-Down Menu, Enjoy It Responsibly!

    A perfect website is the result of the application of several techniques that come from different fields. The most famous trends in the modern web design are just the perfect combination among rules from design, web usability, user interface design, science behind HTML, CSS and Javascript.

  • Draw a Realistic Wacom Bamboo Tablet – Part 1: Illustrator Tutorial

    In this tutorial, we are going to draw a realistic Wacom Bamboo. In this first part, we will draw it in Illustrator. Next, in the second part, we will export the vector path into
    Photoshop and then draw it.

    This is the final result of our realistic drawing tutorial.

    In this tutorial, we will draw its wireframe in Illustrator.

    Step 1: Pad
    Make new file in Illustrator. Activate Rounded Rectangle tool and then click once on canvas. In the next dialog box, set Corner Radius …

  • is a place for creative people to discover and share creative news and articles written by designers and developers. This website has a grid-based layout with a clean typography.
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  • How To Disable a WordPress Plugin From MySQL

    If you stopped by PVMGarage last night, you might have noticed the site was down. I didn’t find out about the problem for several hours, but apparently one of my plugins was acting up. The news submission plugin that I am using was causing some sort of caching issue which slowed the response time of the site down quite a bit. Unfortunately, this also affected the WordPress admin interface too making it impossible for me to login to fix. If …

  • Entrepreneurs that inspire you to grow your internet business

    Individuals who have build conglomerate corporations from nothing to becoming multi-millionaires or in some cases billionaires inspire small businesses owners to continue to push towards success in their business. I’ve rounded up a few of my top choices of very successful entrepreneurs who have inspired those in business including myself.

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