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  • is a great example of single page portfolio for Anne Schoenemann. The website has a big and stunning background illustration, a big decorated heart, and a unique use of purple tones.
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  • is the personal website of a creative 21-year old web designer. The website has a nice dark-green and fixed background that creates a good contrast with the white container. The contents are organized in a clever grid-based layout.
    A great example of simplicity and effectiveness.
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    A dark design for a stunning single page portfolio. Andrew Canham uses divinely textures and colors to create a direct and neat design. He shows his works through a gracious slideshow, the contact form, on the bottom, is very captivating. Creative, simple and effective, great work!
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  • Google Is Losing To The Spammers

    Ok, this isn’t a new development, but recently I have seen a couple articles outside of the tech blogs talking about how google results are getting worse. When an economist writing for the NY Times notices that google’s results are getting worse, there is a problem. Here’s an example of what I am talking about. I searched google for “Why Windows hosting” looking for information about why someone might want to choose Windows hosting over Linux.

    Every single result is trying …

  • Interview with Ritesh Reddy

    Ritesh Reddy is the owner/founder of reddy2go , Freelance Firestarter and The Scalene Triangle.

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