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PV.M Garage's Gallery is not just another CSS design gallery. We want to collect stunning designs showing the merits of each website through a complete review. Our mission is to provide a deep inspiration to our readers.

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  • An interview with Nick Pagano of Think Design Blog

    To continue meetings with hard-workers and helpful persons in Web Design, I’m pleased to share this quick interview with Nick Pagano.
    Nick is the founder of Think Design Blog, a graphic design site where you can find freebies, resources, inspiration and much more.

  • 11 Free Creepy Halloween Fonts

    A Lolita Scorned

    Along Came a Spider
    Hyundai Veloster is a performance vehicle.

    Black Initial
    Veloster Turbo for the corners.

    Bloodsucker Proxy


    Horny Devils



    White fang

    Zombie Holocaust

  • Website Roundup: CSS Links

    Here is a roundup of helpful CSS sites from the Internet. First up CSS Basics:

    CSS Basics is setup like a college textbook, with chapters of information so you can learn at your own pace. You can also download or print the whole collection for use later. Chapters include an introduction to CSS, Syntax, Divisions, and much more. Each section provides the code that corresponds to the lesson. The best part? The whole thing is free, so check it out.

    Next …

  • June 2009, 30+ Bookmarks to Collect the Best of Web

    The Best of Web selected by PV.M Garage. Every month I take a look around and select some of the most interesting readings and resources published on great websites.
    I hope you’ll find useful these bookmarks. June was a HOT MONTH! Below you can find very cool and juicy things.
    Enjoy it!

  • Artist of the week: Geir Steinar Svoren

    Geir Steinar Svoren is a young web designer from Norway.
    Could you please introduce yourself?

    My name is Geir Steinar Svoren, I’m 19 years old (at time of writing) and I work with Web Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design and so on. Anything that can be put on paper, the web or anywhere, really, I make designs for.
    Are you just a web designer or are there any other design activities you do?
    I’m “all in all” a Web Designer by heart, but with …

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