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PV.M Garage's Gallery is not just another CSS design gallery. We want to collect stunning designs showing the merits of each website through a complete review. Our mission is to provide a deep inspiration to our readers.

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  • How Secure Are Your Lead Generation Forms?

    If you have private data collected from online web forms, the security of your forms should be paramount. Failing to take the security of your forms seriously could lead to a myriad of problems, including being locked out of your own website. Any form where data is collected is a potential target for people looking to steal data. Below are some tips to keep your data secure.
    Do not use revealing error messages
    There is a fine line between giving a friendly …

  • Skeuomorphism: What It Is, How It’s Losing Out

    A full-out ideological war broke out in Apple’s design department after Steve Job’s death. On one side were the old-school designers, lead by Job’s disciple Scott Forstall, who felt the company should adhere to Job’s skeuomorphic design vision. On the other side were designers who believed in simpler, “flat style” imagery. When the dust settled, Forstall was fired (although to be fair, other factors may have led to his dismissal) and Craig Federighi, lead designer of the new iOS 7 …

  • Web Design Updates Official Launch, A Quick Overview

    Web Design Updates is a new place where you can share unique articles and ready-to-use resources for the Web Design Community. The main objective of this PV.M Garage Side Project is to facilitate the search of useful information related to Web and Graphic Design and Web Development.
    Don’t forget, the key for our growth is the sharing.

  • Does Gender Affect Web Design?

    Does Gender Affect Web Design?
    Gender, in the world of web design, is a very touchy subject. It’s been suggested that not only do men and women focus on different design elements; we’re also drawn to websites designed by someone of our own gender.
    Before we get into this, let’s just accept that any discussion of gender is rife with generalities which may not apply to individuals. However, there’s sufficient evidence to suggest gender does affect web design.
    Women tend …

  • 10 Free WordPress Theme With A Good Use of JavaScript

    In this period high-quality design is not enough for WordPress (FREE!) themes. When you imagine your new on-line blog-magazine, I’m sure, you think at a nice featured news slideshow, like Tutorial9, or at a good hover effect for the menu or at a pretty newsticker effect on your recent post. Well, it’s the right approach!
    With this quick post I’ve collected ten high quality WordPress Themes that use useful JavaScript solutions for some elements of the their design.
    The following themes …

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