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PV.M Garage's Gallery is not just another CSS design gallery. We want to collect stunning designs showing the merits of each website through a complete review. Our mission is to provide a deep inspiration to our readers.

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  • A Good Curriculum Vitae Example with Free AI Template

    This is a period of global economic and financial crisis, so the only way to realize your projects is to invest on personal creativity and capacity.
    The Curriculum Vitae is the first document that potential employers can see about us, so you must consider the real importance of this kind of document.
    In this post I share with you my vision of CV. I realized my resume for several reasons and here I tell my creative process. I created it with Adobe …

  • TheDesignBuzz.net

    TheDesignBuzz.net is a place for creative people to discover and share creative news and articles written by designers and developers. This website has a grid-based layout with a clean typography.
    More Details

  • Smith-Salley.com

    Smith-Salley.com is a clean, minimalist and illustrated site for wealth management firm.
    More Details

  • MOJO Themes Review and Giveaway

    I have been contacted by MOJO Themes about a cool new giveaway! Just for signing up for an account they they are offering five random readers of this blog prizes from the marketplace. Here are the details of the prize package:
    1. Their #1 selling Wordpress theme, Apollo Wordpress Theme. This is a very professional looking theme that should give any business an online presence in no time.

    2. A tumblr theme called Theme for Themers. This is a nice clean …

  • 30+ Examples of Package Designs Which Attract Attention

    Since the design of the package is one of the main reasons for a customer to buy or not to buy a product package design has become a very important sector of design. There are only a few things where clever design influences people more to decide than package design. Package design is a real stage for designers. In the following showcase some of the best package designs are highlighted.
    Wine In A Can

    Salt & Pepper Cell

    Six Feet Under

    Society Tea (concept)

    Miniroll …

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