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PV.M Garage's Gallery is not just another CSS design gallery. We want to collect stunning designs showing the merits of each website through a complete review. Our mission is to provide a deep inspiration to our readers.

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  • TheTypefac.es

    DavidHellmann.com has a great textured background, a nice bold typography and an excellent color scheme with maroon, azure and red. The footer is big and highly-creative, a really nice portofolio.
    More Details

  • How To Create A Magnifying Glass Icon In Photoshop

    Photoshop is a very useful program. Some of you might know it as an image editor. Well that’s true, 5 years ago! Earlier version of Photoshop is so powerful that you can create almost anything with it. I do a lot of icon designing lately and it’s all done in Photoshop. The advantage of using Photoshop to create icon is you can combine pixel painting with Photoshop’s vector tool. This tutorial show us how easy it is creating a magnifying …

  • 5 Tips for Designing for Mobile Apps

    With the majority of Internet users having smartphones and using apps, you want to be sure your company has an app as well. Many users prefer using apps to browsing mobile-friendly websites due to less data usage and easier navigation. Mobile apps are actually not as difficult as you might imagine to create, but you should follow some key designing guidelines for a mobile app your customers will want to use.
    Use a Wireframe
    You’ll first want to make sure you use …

  • How To Realize A News Aggregator Using Simple Pie In An Adaptive Layout

    This tutorial was checked by Ryan Parman, Simple Pie Team.
    The perfect reader seeks for great and unique contents but the research often is difficult.
    There are some browser applications that simplify the readers work like the News Aggregators. They daily collect (and categorize) in one-page the most original resources of the web, certainly a useful service for “news consumer”.
    I find the aggregators quite serviceable (here you can find some samples) because they select only the best posts for each category of …

  • An interview with Nick Pagano of Think Design Blog

    To continue meetings with hard-workers and helpful persons in Web Design, I’m pleased to share this quick interview with Nick Pagano.
    Nick is the founder of Think Design Blog, a graphic design site where you can find freebies, resources, inspiration and much more.

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