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PV.M Garage's Gallery is not just another CSS design gallery. We want to collect stunning designs showing the merits of each website through a complete review. Our mission is to provide a deep inspiration to our readers.

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  • Top Ten Photoshop Website Design Tutorials

    Start the weekend off right with some Photoshop website layout tutorials!
    Design A Real Estate Portal

    Design an Online Photo Portfolio Site

    Design a Company Portal Website

    Splatter Layout – This one could be good for a design company, artists or musicians.

    Design a Cool Hand Drawn Website

    Bar or Restaurant Web Design

    Photography Portfolio Website

    Fun Website Layout

    Design a Dating Website

    Cool Design Agency Layout

  • Artist Of The Week: Robin Janásek

    Robin Janásek is a photographer and graphic designer from Czech Republic. He’s already been included in a former group interview here on PVMGarage.
    Could you please introduce yourself?
    Hi, my name is Robin Janásek. I’m 19 years old graphic designer from Czech Republic. And I like cigarette smoke… in art… and… in overall.
    You’ve been featured in a group interview back in spring, where you told something about your expectations. What has changed since then?
    Well, at this moment I’m in the middle of …

  • Minimal And Retro Poster Design, Two Stunning and Inspirational Projects

    Today I want to present two stunning projects. Concept and style for this two works are different, but both are absolutely stunning.
    They are personal works of two great graphic designers, Albert Exergian and Stéphane Massa-Bidal, and probably the final result is so beautiful just because Albert and Stéphane worked without any request from clients or companies, only with their creativity.

  • 15 Photos From My Mardi Gras Vacation For Your Inspiration

    Apologies for the lack of posts last week. I was out of town on vacation for Mardi Gras. Here’s some photos for your perusal.

  • Tools to Help You Create Your Next Infographic

    Designers know that no matter how eloquent a writer you are sometimes a picture just says it better. Visual data can often translate information better and faster than textual. Today, we are wired to recall what we’ve seen faster than what we’ve read, which makes infographics a great way to deliver your message.
    Infographics deliver for a variety of reasons:

    Short attention spans are long enough to take in the message from a colorful infographic.
    Infographics call attention to information easier than blocks …

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