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PV.M Garage's Gallery is not just another CSS design gallery. We want to collect stunning designs showing the merits of each website through a complete review. Our mission is to provide a deep inspiration to our readers.

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  • WaterColored Portfolio Coded, Free CSS Template With PSD to HTML Tutorial (UPDATED)

    This is the second part of WaterColored Web Portfolio tutorial. In case you missed the first part of this tutorial, read Create a Nice Web Portfolio Design with a Watercolored Background in Photoshop to learn how to make a web layout in PhotoShop. With this post we’ll learn how to realize a valid, standards compliant XHTML and CSS home-page from PSD template. So, now it’s time to write code!

  • January 2010, Fresh Bookmarks To Collect The Best Of The Web

    The Best of the Web selected by PV.M Garage. Every month I take a look around and select some of the most interesting readings and resources published on great websites.
    Take your time to read these fantastic articles written by helpful people and discover as the design community has said “Welcome!” at 2010.
    That’s all guys… I hope you’ll find useful these bookmarks.

  • Why You Should Guest-Blog More!

    Internet marketing broke all the rules of conventional marketing and created unprecedented opportunities for millions to make millions. I strongly believe that you and I deserve to be one of them! How? There are endless ways to grab your nifty share of the scrumptious internet marketing pie, some of which are more intelligent than others. One thing all e-marketing gurus agree on is that blog marketing is a no-fail strategy, if done correctly. Today, I will share with you why I …

  • Top Ten Photoshop Website Design Tutorials

    Start the weekend off right with some Photoshop website layout tutorials!
    Design A Real Estate Portal

    Design an Online Photo Portfolio Site

    Design a Company Portal Website

    Splatter Layout – This one could be good for a design company, artists or musicians.

    Design a Cool Hand Drawn Website

    Bar or Restaurant Web Design

    Photography Portfolio Website

    Fun Website Layout

    Design a Dating Website

    Cool Design Agency Layout

  • Visual Journey To Brazil: Showcase of Great Photos

    When one from a foreign country thinks of Brazil, the first images that will come to their mind are probably Pão de Açúcar, Copacabana beach, rain forest, samba, Rio de Janeiro and great soccer (well, not this year, but that’s another story…). In fact, reality may contain many of these clichés, but Brazil is more multifarious and opposed.

    Avenida Presidente Vargas – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

    A view of Rio de Janeiro II

    Corcovado – Cristo Redentor – Brasil – Rio de …

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