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Become A WordPress Theme Developer Who Rocks In Four Steps (and 50+ readings)

It has been proved. You can become a "RockStar" developing WordPress themes. Think at the audience, think at the creative process... in my opinion a great WP theme is like a great rock song. In my experience I've developed some themes for this great blogging platform and when I start ...

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SportNewsPvm Coded, How To Plan A Web Layout For A WordPress Theme

To create a basic WordPress theme the essential steps, in my personal approach, are four: sketch, PSD template, (X)HTML/CSS layout and, finally, WordPress code. In this post will learn how to make a web layout (xhtml/css from a psd template) that will become a WP theme (the third step). If you want ...

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10 Free WordPress Theme With A Good Use of JavaScript

In this period high-quality design is not enough for WordPress (FREE!) themes. When you imagine your new on-line blog-magazine, I'm sure, you think at a nice featured news slideshow, like Tutorial9, or at a good hover effect for the menu or at a pretty newsticker effect on your recent post. ...

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10 (+1) ways to show date in a blog post container

Disigning a post-content we must consider the priority to be given to the title, but with different gimmicks many designers use the data as a decorative element (and not only). Sometimes the visual design, obtained through the appropriate placement of data, it's really interesting. Sure, the title should capture the readers ...

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OneRoom, Beautiful WordPress Theme

OneRoom is a three column WordPress Theme released by Web-Kreation. The left column is more interesting, in fact in this section there are the meta-info (data, tags, author) for each post. The theme has been tested in all the major Web browsers: Firefox, IE6+, Opera, Safari, Chrome and it is released ...

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