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Nice And Simple Toolbar For Your Website With CSS3 And jQuery

During these months I've learned an important lesson as blogger. If you want to start an activity on the web with a blog, magazine or a general website, you must plan a clever action on the Social Networking and Bookmarking websites. Often it's an hard thing to interface a website ...

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Plugins And Tutorials To Enhance The Images Of Your Website With jQuery

In modern Web Development the Javascript Frameworks have a great spread for their versatility and for their usability. I daily use jQuery, maybe the most famous framework, to make rich my websites. In this post I've collected some resources that can be useful to enhance the images in many web projects. ...

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How To Realize A News Aggregator Using Simple Pie In An Adaptive Layout

This tutorial was checked by Ryan Parman, Simple Pie Team. The perfect reader seeks for great and unique contents but the research often is difficult. There are some browser applications that simplify the readers work like the News Aggregators. They daily collect (and categorize) in one-page the most original resources of the ...

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SportNewsPvm Coded, How To Plan A Web Layout For A WordPress Theme

To create a basic WordPress theme the essential steps, in my personal approach, are four: sketch, PSD template, (X)HTML/CSS layout and, finally, WordPress code. In this post will learn how to make a web layout (xhtml/css from a psd template) that will become a WP theme (the third step). If you want ...

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How to Show Recent Posts with NewsTicker Effect in WordPress Sidebar

With this little tutorial I want to illustrate the way in order to show recent articles with newsticker effect on the sidebar of your wordpress blog. The term "newsticker" refers to a small section of the page in which we can read the last news (the last ones post ...

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10 Ways to Realize Nice and Practical Menu with JavaScript Frameworks

Structuring a menu is not always easy and immediate. Some web applications require a level of complex nesting, others are in need of some "effect" that makes it easily navigable, then build a good menu can become an hard work. In this post I present some useful scripts and tutorials that ...

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