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I'm a PHP Developer and a Web Designer from Mexico. I'm working in a little company as junior developer. I really enjoy doing web stuff and I love WordPress. My free time is for rock, cars and tennis!

The Pioneers: A Showcase Of Inspirational Websites That Use HTML 5 For Markup

One of the most popular articles on PV.M Garage in this last period has been about the use of HTML 5 and CSS3 to design a clean and elegant website. The discussion about the new fetures and benefits of the last versions of these famous languages is quite controversial. The ...

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Inspirational Showcase Of Type-Based Logos

A proper use of type is fundamental to create a good, and working, logo design. There are some logos where the typography is the essential element of the design, and where the designer works to make unique and communicative any single typeface. We are talking of typographic logos. A clean ...

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35+ New Websites With A Stunning And Effective Use of Textures

An over-used style in modern Web Design surely is Grunge. It is relatively simple to realize: with some photoshop tricks it's possible to create stunning effects in a few minutes. A grunge website often is a mix of "confuse" stuff and a good use of textures, but however with a ...

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Useful Suggestions To Secure And Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is the most used blogging system and, thanks to the great community that works to enhance its features, nowadays it is used as full content management system. WordPress rocks, dude! For these reasons it is (maybe) one of the most hacked CMS. In some cases a website proudly powered by ...

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