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From a little city in the South of Italy, a web designer, a coder, a blogger. This is Piervincenzo, just a guy who has a great love for creativity and enjoys making high-quality stuff and sharing good information about web design and development.

DesignSchool, Free PSD Template

Here the second PSD template distributed by PV.M Garage under Creative Common License. This time the theme revolves around a hypothetical design school with a blog layout (min width resolution 1024px). The sidebar is positioned to the left and below the header there is a container ...

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10 Free Icon Sets For Web Developers

The use of icon is very frequent in modern web design to highlight button, box or menu content. To help the common user to find a particular section of the web-page you can integrate icons in your websites. In fact with a nice and expressive icon set the web designer ...

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75+ Logo Designs from the Football World

I'm a football lover and with the 2010 FIFA World Cup well on it's way in South Africa, we have created some of the best football team logos. Check our list and let us know which on is your favorite with a comment... you can also suggest a logo not in ...

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15 “Strange” But Unique Album Covers From Progressive Rock

Progressive Rock is a genre that (still) wants to give a new highly artistic dimension at the rock music. It evolved in the late 1960s and early 1970s and in the mid-1970s had a great success in Britain and America. Many bands shown their technical skill and ability to compose music making ...

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Touch The Future: Create An Elegant Website With HTML 5 And CSS3

I'm sure that who chooses to work as web designer makes a choice of heart, a choice of love. He/she decides to bet any given day on his creativity and his ability of producing an idea and of making it tangible, visible and perceptible for all. These crazy men have ...

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How To Design A Better Blog? Break Down The Rules

Once upon a time in World Wide Web a private and personal diary, where recording daily activities and reflections, called Weblog. It was a website, an on-line publication, very useful to spread personal content for a close audience.

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Unique Handwritten Free Fonts For Your Next Designs

Are you Looking for awesome handwritten fonts? You've come to the right place, buddy. We've spent hours searching the web for the best handwritten fonts available and what's more, they're all absolutely free! Handwritten fonts are really useful to give your personal touch to your designs. They are informal and ...

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Sports News PVM: A Free WordPress Theme

We are glad to release, finally, our first free WordPress theme: Sports News PVM. A theme designed and coded by Piervincenzo Madeo for the readers of the PV.M Garage. The theme has a two-columns layout with an unique soft grunge design and a nice featured news section, it includes many mordern ...

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The PV.M Garage Gallery Has Been Launched, Inspire Yourself!

He's thinking to make good stuff is one of our slogan. We want to say, with this, that we love our readers and we are always busy to improve the PV.M Garage for trying to offer every day great articles, tutorials and inspiration. So we are proud to present the ...

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Mega Drop-Down Menu, Enjoy It Responsibly!

A perfect website is the result of the application of several techniques that come from different fields. The most famous trends in the modern web design are just the perfect combination among rules from design, web usability, user interface design, science behind HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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