Mike Smith
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Mike releases WordPress themes and is a full time freelance designer at Guerrilla. He writes articles across the web on a variety of design and business related topics.

30 killer designs from the Dribbble design community

As most designers probably already know, Dribbble was opened to the public to view recently and is full of amazing design inspiration. Dribbble is a place where designers can post up screen shots of work they're doing and get input on it from other kick ass designers - it's a ...

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10 coding mistakes new html developers make

For most of us, remembering what it was like when we first started writing our own html codes seems like decades ago (for some of us, it was decades ago), so taking a step back and looking over the basics again is something we forget to do from time to ...

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25 awesome price graphs for your inspiration

Running a website that offers different payment plans requires time, dedication and (as of late) a killer design for the pricing page. You can't just list the pricing anymore - you need to design something that shows the high quality you offer and that's exactly what these 25 websites do. ...

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5 Reasons you will never make it as a freelancer

So, you've been bit with the freelance bug and you're ready to stop dipping your toes into "side projects" and actually dive into the deep end and turn your life around? You've got a new desk, a new computer, a 5 year plan and your first client. You're off to ...

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20 outrageous places to find color inspiration

Finding color inspiration can be easy, as long as you know where to look. Most web designers will say that there are places online like Colour Lovers to find color inspiration, which are great, but what about the not-so-obvious choices that you can use? What about Garbage? What about Abandoned ...

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10 Exercises Designers Can Do To Keep Their Creativity Sharp

We're a creative group of people, but as we all know, the creativity can dry up at times and we just feel stuck. What I've learned over the past couple years is how to build a creativity bank to look to when I'm feeling uninspired, as well as keep a ...

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The Good, Bad And Ugly Of The Web Design Industry

From the outside looking in, the freelance web design lifestyle is lavish - big houses, fancy cars, sleeping until noon, working in your pajamas and never answering to a boss. Wait, those are just the things people think make up a freelance life. Today's article will go over the good, ...

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