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Steve is web designer, developer, blogger, marketer and consultant for various online companies around the world.

25 Great Stock Images Plus with $100 Subscription Giveaway

Depositphotos is offering a free $100 account to the website with access to over 1,800,000 photos from 25,000 photographers! Enter the contest today! Depositphotos offers designers royalty free stock photos and illustrations from only $0.10!

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Vectorious is offering a free 6 month subscription to the website with access to over 3,600 downloads! Enter the contest today! We came across and we were very impressed. Here you can find over 11,800 quality stock vector images at the right price. We’ve included a sample of their work ...

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Inspirational photography by Piotr

While browsing the internet, rarely do you find such talent. Recently, I was searching for some design inspiration and came across The photographer Piotr Kulczycki lives in Poznan (Poland), a sample of his work has been featured below for your viewing and inspirational pleasure.

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$2500 FREE Custom Website and Programming Contest from Capsis Media

Our friends at Capsis Media are offering one of our readers a free, completely custom website design and programming project through a comment contest on pvmgarage. Capsis Media is a Toronto based company which offers website design, development, and custom programming with focus on producing 100% custom web designs and ...

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Entrepreneurs that inspire you to grow your internet business

Individuals who have build conglomerate corporations from nothing to becoming multi-millionaires or in some cases billionaires inspire small businesses owners to continue to push towards success in their business. I've rounded up a few of my top choices of very successful entrepreneurs who have inspired those in business including myself.

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Worlds top 10 fashion brands and their websites

Recently I was working on a design project for a high-end fashion company. I thought it would be great inspiration for everyone to have the top 10 fashion brands in the world presented PVM Garage. View the designs below for excellent inspiration on your next fashion design project.

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Contest! Win a Free Inkd Membership and Business Cards

Our friends at Inkd love and offered our visitors the opportunity to win either a free 3 month membership to Inkd (value $199) or 500 free premium business cards (value $150).

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23 Design Inspiration Blogs worth visiting

The following is a feature of PVM Garage's online friends in the web design and blogging industry. Hope you find inspiration and helpful links with our partners. Don't forget to bookmark!

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Interview with

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting with the owner of Capsis Media, a custom website design and development company based out of Toronto, Canada. The company caught our attention for their quality and pricing for custom websites. The “short” interview took nearly 1 hour, however we are thrilled to ...

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