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Speed Design From Code Year

I found out about Code Year a couple days ago. It is a website launched by a Y-combinator company called CodeAcademy. They grabbed quite a lot of attention by signing up 200,000 users in just two days. Recently, I stumbled onto this post by the landing page designer about how ...

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Some Of The Earliest Color Photos

The Denver Post has a gallery up of some of the earliest color photos taken during the early 40s. I thought some of the images were pretty cool. Here is the link. Here are my favorites:

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Profile of an Artist – Crazy Mary

This week, I have been vacationing in Holden Beach, NC. One of the more interesting things that I did here was pay a visit to Crazy Mary. She is a local "artist" who collects junk from around the area, and assembles it into, well, crazy stuff. Here is a video: You ...

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Facebook and Virtual Birthday Cake

I have a friend who is internet savvy and has adopted the habit of tracking down birthday cake images from google image search and posting it on his friends' Facebook walls. I tried it myself, and it is enterprisingly easy to find just about anybody's name on a cake photo. ...

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The Fail Whale Phenomenon

Twitter did something unique with their "Site down for maintenance" message. They introduced the internet to the fail whale graphic. I think this was pretty ingenious on their part. First, it distracts the users from the fact that they can't actually use their favorite website at the moment. Second, it ...

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You Are What You Eat

I ran across this interesting post today. The photographer took photographs of refrigerators for a variety of individuals. It is interesting to me what you can tell about person just by the stuff in their refrigerator. A bartender's fridge. He goes to sleep at 8AM and wakes up at 4PM daily. A ...

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Depositphotos is relatively new on the stock image world, but they have really exploded since their debut in 2009. Already they are hosting over 3.5 million royalty free images. Since they are now offering free photos as part of a trial, I thought I would sign up. Signing up was ...

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Happy 4th of July in Pictures

Hope you all get a chance to check out some live fireworks...

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Outsourcing: Your Design, Their Code

Let's face it, many of us are either skilled at design or skilled at coding, but only the rare individual is talented at both. If you are a coder or a designer, outsourcing provides a way to focus on your strength and pass along the other half of the work ...

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A New Stock Image Site –

Today I got a notice of a new stock image website, StockFresh. This site was started by the same group of founders who started stock.xchng and Stockxpert. I am a big fan of stock.xchng so I am sure StockFresh will live up to expectations. I grabbed a few images from ...

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