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How to Create A Tasty Restaurant Website

Hi Today we'll be creating a Restaurant Website . Step one Create a document 1000 wide by 1250 long then create a footer area fill with a light blue gradient. Step 2 add a header at the top with the same gradient Step 3 add a bar for the menu and add a two pixel black ...

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Spooky Halloween Header

Halloween Header Seeing as it's Halloween and you may decide to change your blog header for the spooky season. We have put together a tutorial for you, there are outlines the steps you take to get to a classic Halloween look. Step one To start we will create a document 600 x 300 ...

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Create An Animated Gif Banner

Here is what we will be creating today: This technique is very useful for any serious marketers of any industry who need create animated banners for ad networks , its also good fun. Step 1 As this is a tut about banners to comply with most banner ad networks rules we’ll keep this ...

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