5 Tips for Designing for Mobile Apps

5 Tips for Designing for Mobile Apps
  • 11 March 2013
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With the majority of Internet users having smartphones and using apps, you want to be sure your company has an app as well. Many users prefer using apps to browsing mobile-friendly websites due to less data usage and easier navigation. Mobile apps are actually not as difficult as you might imagine to create, but you should follow some key designing guidelines for a mobile app your customers will want to use.

Use a Wireframe

You’ll first want to make sure you use a wireframe in your mobile app. The wireframe is going to provide you with an outline of the app, including several different features. The easiest way to make a wireframe for the app is with old-fashioned pencil and paper. Draw boxes and shapes for the wireframes and make them as detailed as possible, or at least detailed enough that it makes sense to you when the designing process begins.

Have the Right Size Target

When designing the app, increase the tap target size to accommodate a person’s thumb or finger. Your followers are using a finger for the mobile app, so it shouldn’t be difficult to access different functions. A good place to start is around 44×44 pixels for the tap targets. An app that’s difficult to use is one that will be abandoned.

Organize the Screens

A common mistake for first-time mobile app designers is making the app too busy and complicated. Organize your screens and have just one main goal for each screen so that the app is simple to use and navigate. Create a navigational menu for accessing the different screens.

Avoid Default Buttons

Most mobile app design platforms come with default button sizes, colors and styles if you want to use them. The best advice is to change the style to be more unique. The provided settings probably won’t match the style you want for your app, and they can take away from the originality. For example, if you own a rodent pest control company, you don’t want to use default button styles that look like those of another pest control company in your area. You want your brand identity to be reflected in your app.

Avoid Low Resolutions

During the design process, always start with the highest resolution you can and then gradually scale down until it reaches the resolution you’re happy with. Starting too low makes it difficult to increase the resolution and you’ll have a mobile app of poor quality. Mobile app design can be a very valuable investment, and with smartphone penetration and use increasing every day, you don’t want to be left behind. These design tips can help you ensure your app is fit to use.

Aaron Walker is a gadget enthusiast and freelance writer. If you are interested in reading more of his work, check out his blog Social We Love.

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