The Latest Trend of Valentine Vector Images on Depositphotos

The Latest Trend of Valentine Vector Images on Depositphotos
  • 27 February 2013
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The Latest Trend of Valentine Vector Images on Depositphotos

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Valentine day had passed. All of stock photos agencies on the internet had tried their best to use this special occasion to gain better sale. Various kinds of promos, discounts, trials, and etcetera had given to their buyers and potential buyers to keep them shopping in this lovely month.

According to the Weekly Review on their stock photos blog, one of the consistent top keywords (as well as categories) from week to week is the keyword “vector”. Although this month love themed images were predicted to get significant raise, but the vector images are still amongst the best. Moreover, most of the love themed images are presented in vector form. So, that makes vector category becomes more and more popular.
If we see the top valentine themed vector images in this website, we can still see that heart shape, lettering, and pattern are still dominant over the other type such as animals, human, cupid, and etcetera. Seeing from some of images’ taglines seems like they are designed purposively for greeting card.
In the Best Sales tab, some heart shape vectors are on the top row. All of these images look pretty good also with pretty design. For example these pictures:

Happy Valentine's Day Greeting Card
Happy Valentine’s Day lettering Greeting Card by Sarunyu Glanjit
Image Credit :

This picture is very excellent, showing great combination of heart shape, lettering, and color scheme. Although it looks simple, the composition makes it very elegant and beautiful. Good gradation and lightning effect makes it even better.
Valentine's Background
Valentines background by Olga Altunina
Image Credit :

If compared to the previous picture, this vector image is more suitable for greeting card. The white space under and top luxurious heart pendant image could be used for adding romantic words usually used in greeting card or also words used in invitation card. There are two choices for this greeting card design as could be seen above.

Valentine Greetings
Valentine greetings by Anna Velichkovsky
Image Credit :

Out of the box concept could be seen in the image above. Red, which is the main color theme of valentine, is replaced totally by purple. Besides that, the heart shape is formed uniquely by using flower patterns.
Valentine's Day
Valentines day by popocorn
Image Credit :

Animal themed images are also one of the favorites which is still exist, even though not much. As predicted by Depositphotos in one article in their blog, out of the box concept was much adapted in this Valentine. It could be seen in this image where “not usual” animal is used for valentine picture. Instead of using cute or Valentine identical animals like dove, puppy, cat, or others, this picture chose to use owl for representing love. Quite unique and interesting though.
That is the review of some best sales and trending Valentine vectors in Depositphotos. Hope, this review could be used as an inspiration for designers to make more innovative creation in the future event. You can browse for more Depositphotos stock photos in their website.

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