Benefits of Free App Development Process

Benefits of Free App Development Process
  • 10 December 2012
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With the Smartphones gaining so much popularity, the app development sector is equally gaining importance. The sector seems to be growing at an enormous rate. While developing an app the foremost thing that needs to be decided by the app developer is the platform for which the app is developed. The app developer has a choice of launching his/her application in the iOS, Android, Window, Symbian or the BlackBerry platform. Along with deciding on the platform, the developer also needs to decide whether the application will be a paid one or not. There are both advantages and disadvantages associated to the paid and free applications. Like any other app development there are various challenges associated to the development process. The factors related remain the same even if it’s a free or a paid application. The concept, design, development, testing, launching, and marketing are still followed in any app creation process. By analyzing the customer needs and market, the developer can create a successful application. In the present world there is a lot of debate on free and paid apps, and a developer needs to find the appropriate solution for this. One of the biggest successes in the app industry is drawn in the gaming filed. This is one category that gains fame even if it’s a paid or free app. The initial version can be made free and once a trial period is over, a certain amount can be gained from the user to utilize the application. This method is often approached by most developers to gain success in the app market.

There are multiple advantages of free apps when compared to the paid ones and it includes the following –

• The free applications gain better attention and the sales improve when compared to the paid versions. The free version provides the users a chance to utilize the app and then decide whether it requires an upgrade to the paid version. This also enables all the enhanced features of the app.

• Free apps have a wider reachability to its audience who may try the paid version as well or try other apps developed by the developer.

• Free apps can also generate income with the embedded, third-party ads. With an embedded ad bar in the app, the developer can generate income through advertisement.

A developer also needs to understand a free application with limited value or a paid app having limited functionalities can have adverse effects.


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