Best Free Android Photo Apps Pt. II

Best Free Android Photo Apps Pt. II
  • 27 April 2011
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This is round two of my review of Android photo apps. I’ve downloaded and used a few more photo apps that I’d like to share with you.

First up is picplz, which is really great for post editing. You can apply different filters to any photo on your phone. They also have a web portal to upload images and share them to facebook and twitter. The amount of effects is quite impressive. What really sold me on this app is that I can use it on my computer too. A lot of photo apps are phone only, so you use them, fall in love and then can only use them on your phone. I think this is a great option for those of us who aren’t pros at Photoshop, but still want some fun effects.


The above is picplz’s website, after uploading the photo you can scroll across to choose which effect you prefer.  This function really adds to this app, especially since its free!

Next, is ActionSnap, which is a great app for creating split-screen shots.This app gives you the option of choose different split screens, or a regular camera. You can also add Lomo or Sepia filters before taking the photo. This is a fun app for for capturing kids or dogs running, and I think these photos would look great framed. I’ve used regular cameras that offer the same effect, but ended up with a half a role of film with just my arm in the shot. I do wish that this offered more “effects” such as fish eye and holga, that way I wouldn’t have to switch between this and others. However, the app is super easy to use and the photos turned out great. (I used the Lomo filter on mine).


Next is Little Photo. This app offers a lot of effects similar to Vignette, but also a whole gallery that I think kids would really like. The first gallery of effects is your usual sepia, lomo, etc. The second gallery has things like charcoal and colored chalk. Although these effects are fun, I don’t see them as being useful as they completely distort the photo. One other downside is that the effects are somewhat harsh compared to other apps. However, the app is great in that it keeps an original of your photo and then saves the altered one as well. I really like this because I’ve regretted taking photos with effects on them as there is no way to remove it.

Finally, I’ve added to apps for fun:

Fatbooth. The name says it all. Turn your grannie into a fattie. This app wasn’t free on the iphone, but was free with Android. Win. The app basically takes a photo of you and stretches it out so you look, well, fat. I’ve haven’t gotten sick of this app yet.

Zombiebooth. Similar to fatbooth, this app turns you into a zombie. It takes it up a notch though by adding sound and interaction. (if you touch the screen it will spit blood like it bit you.) The only downside of this app is that it can scare the crap out of you if you aren’t prepared, and the noise is hard to turn off. However, turning yourself into a zombie might be worth it.

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