Artist of the week: Geir Steinar Svoren

Artist of the week: Geir Steinar Svoren
  • 19 October 2010
  • Web Design
  • This post was written exclusively for PV.M Garage by lukas
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Geir Steinar Svoren is a young web designer from Norway.

Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Geir Steinar Svoren, I’m 19 years old (at time of writing) and I work with Web Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design and so on. Anything that can be put on paper, the web or anywhere, really, I make designs for.

Are you just a web designer or are there any other design activities you do?

I’m “all in all” a Web Designer by heart, but with knowledge of Design I usually get many other tasks at hand, such as designing logos for a company or friend, setting up clansites for buddies, and (re)touching photos. It can be anything, really.

How would you describe your style when it comes to web design?

Describing my style in words, isn’t simple. I’m a very “Clean Design makes a Happy Mind”-type of designer. I like simplicity and good fonts, and of course great structure. But I don’t mind letting my creativity off the leash every now and then.

Did you have many international clients so far? Your portfolio is only available on Norwegian – has this been a disadvantage so far?

I decided to go for a purely-Norwegian-based website as I’m only trying to attract customers from Norway so far. I still feel I’m not skilled enough to take on (big) international customers, so I focus my designs toward the still much-uncovered ground of Norwegian people’s needs. So far I haven’t had any disadvantages, to the contrary, really; I’ve discovered and been
discovered by a lot of people ‘up here’ and so far it’s all going very well!

Speaking from Norway: Is there a Norwegian or Scandinavian way of design?
How do the long winters influence the inspiration, for example?

There’s always the “national” inspired styles you can see on other’s designs, especially British Bands (with the UK flags, and colors). Here in Norway I would say there’s less “Norway”-inspired designs. I myself would however love to do a really “typical Norwegian” site one day, if the chance is there. Long winters means a time of sitting inside with a blanket and a hot cup of chocolate, and is certainly a very interesting time of the year.
If I will get extra inspired this winter, who knows? Perhaps you’ll see some Christmas-inspired sites by me this winter!

Are you freelancing or employed somewhere? Do you want to get a full-time

I am currently employed at a company close to my living place. I do also freelance (which is my own company, gSvoren Deisgn), but maybe one day my dream is to truly do full-time freelancing. It’s currently a bit uncertain what my working future will bring, but hopefully it’s going to be a bright one!

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Who is among your idols?

I’m the type that finds inspiration in anything. A very wise quote by Jim Jarmusch, (Highlighting his final words of the quote:) “It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.”. I believe this quote fits every human being, as it allows us to see the inspiration in every object, be inspired by every word we hear, by every person we talk to etc. This is basically my one and only resource (the entire world!), and it’s a true necessity. There’s nothing like just taking a walk or getting your mind away from web design, to truly inspire you for your next working session.
Altough I don’t really have any specific idols, I really like the designs by Simon Rimkus (Freelancer from Germany) who owns, and is
where I got my current portfolio design from. (Saves me the time to maintain my own, for now!) I like his good use of fonts, colors and aesthetics.

What are your expectations for the future?

Hopefully after taking my Bachelor in Web Design at Teesside University in 3-4 years’ time I will have learned even more, and be able to create even more stunning sites. I’m currently very low on the “overall” skills, and I’m seeking further fuel for my knowledge. My dream is to travel a lot and see the world when I get my education sorted out, and perhaps then is a good time for me to reconsider full-time freelancing.

Be sure to check out Geir Steinar’s portfolio (though it’s on Norwegian, you’ll certainly find some good designs there)!

Author: lukas

Lukas is an Austrian writer who ldoes his best to provide quality content and original article to the community. A young, fresh and versatile mind who writes for design-related magazines and blogs. Follow him on Twitter or be his friend on Facebook if you want to know more about him

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