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Interview with
  • 7 July 2010
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Recently we had the pleasure of meeting with the owner of Capsis Media, a custom website design and development company based out of Toronto, Canada. The company caught our attention for their quality and pricing for custom websites. The “short” interview took nearly 1 hour, however we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to talk with the owner.

Who is Capsis Media?

Capsis Media is a company, which I established back in April 2004. The company has been through several transformations with the ultimate goal of becoming a world class website design and development company mainly catering to the small business, personal and outsourcing market. We’ve dedicated our lives to growing this growing from zero to six figures in a short period, and been successful at our efforts. Capsis has grown to become a world class company in the development sector.

Why would someone choose Capsis Media?

Simple… we get done what no one else can. What do I mean by that? Well we have fully trained staffed that is capable of producing custom designs, php programming, graphic design, marketing or hosting solutions. If you provide us with the opportunity to quote your project we will provide you with a very competitive price which 99% of competitors can not match, and deliver quality far beyond your expectation. Let us quote your project online, free! with no obligation to order, click here!

How did you start the business?

6 years ago, I started the business with a partner. Myself being the sales brain and my partner being the designer/developer. After our company was able to secure more than a few orders, my partner wasn’t able to keep up. After butting heads, I decided to acquire the company solo and head off on my own to form Capsis Media. Since then, I’ve acquired the most talented staff in website design and website programming in the world. Since the split with my partner (5+ years) I’ve focused on growing the business with one mind frame… deliver quality websites at affordable prices… and it has worked.

What do you least like about the business?

I’m involved in a few businesses; my main line of business is real estate development. With Capsis, it has provided me with the freedom to live life as I’ve always wanted to, going anywhere in the world I desire, yet running a successful online business at the same time. Capsis Media doesn’t have any down falls, however my lifestyle does, considering I’m involved in 3 full time businesses, it does get very hectic sometimes.

Do you run your business 9 to 5?

Absolutely not! I don’t think any successful business now a days can honestly say they do. I run my business 24 hours per day… you ask how? From my smart phone! My Blackberry has been the best office tool in my life, I’m able to respond to staff, clients and keep projects up to date from the comfort of my blackberry from anywhere in the world. The great thing about an internet business is that if you structure the business correctly, you can have the ability to work only a few hours per day from your smart phone, while automating everything in the back end. A lot of people ask me how I do it and I say, contact me I’ll be happy to share my experiences with you!

Your based in Canada, does that have any down falls?

No, the only downfall is time zones with my clients. However, most clients realize that we’re based in Canada and don’t have a problem with the time difference in response times.

What is the one sales pitch you can leave us with?

Give us a try! Capsis Media has a fully staffed team of designers and developers that can produce any website you desire. Our one goal is to ensure we can produce the best service within your budget. Visit us online at and we’ll be pleased to provide you with an online no-obligation quote.

Author: Steve

Steve is web designer, developer, blogger, marketer and consultant for various online companies around the world.

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