Purple In Web Design: A New Trend? Showcase And Something To Start

Purple In Web Design: A New Trend? Showcase And Something To Start
  • 3 April 2010
  • Web Design
  • This post was written exclusively for PV.M Garage by Michela
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For a long time purple has been the least used colour in web design. In recent months I noticed the number of websites crafted using purple is increased. Try to browse some showcases across the web and you’ll notice more sites with various shades of purple in the recent entries.

Usually purple reminds mystery and spirituality.

The examples below demonstrate that this colour can give many different moods to web design, it depends how you decide to mix it: purple is a warm and cold colour at the same time.
Now let’s see in what clever ways and shades web designers are using purple in their own websites.

Inspiration In Purple!

Below a showcase of web designs with a subtle use of the color purple, they might be a good source of inspiration for your next works. Enjoy it!


Purple In Web Design


Purple In Web Design


Purple In Web Design

Dibi Conference

Purple In Web Design

Silver Empire

Purple In Web Design

Jan James Cox

Purple In Web Design

Intuitive designs

Purple In Web Design

Jonathan Moore

Purple In Web Design


Purple In Web Design

Full Fat Studios

Purple In Web Design

Olive Crush

Purple In Web Design

Light is Light

Purple In Web Design


Purple In Web Design

Silver Pistol

Purple In Web Design


Purple In Web Design


Purple In Web Design

Tofeenut Design

Purple In Web Design

Laura De Masi

Purple In Web Design

Something To Start…

Are you going to use purple in your next design? If yes, here are a few colour palettes to start

Palette #1

Purple In Web Design

Palette #2

Purple In Web Design

Palette #3

Purple In Web Design

Palette #4

Purple In Web Design

Palette #5

Purple In Web Design

Author: Michela

She is a talented, italian, web designer an standards enthusiast. Founder of Web Is Love, a web design blog, and Colazione da Michy, where she shows her unique works as freelancer. Follow her on Twitter, or take a look to her works.

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  1. Nikola Lazarevic

    Nice article Michela, excellent round up, and i just love color palette you included.


  2. Robert Chambers

    Great article – thanks.

    Nice to know my purple portfolio site is on trend: http://robert-chambers.com

  3. Mara

    I notice almost all – if not all – of the sites belong to designers themselves…not sites done for clients.

    • Michela Chiucini

      Sure Mara all these websites belong to designers.
      I haven’t found so much quality/quantity about clients’ sites ,(just one or two)

  4. cooljaz124

    Hey, very nice article.

  5. federica

    Michy, you’re my absolute myth! nice, nice, nice….

  6. Jared Thompson

    voted and promoted great article!

  7. Louis Gubitosi

    nice collection. Good idea to include the palettes. thanks.

  8. Tom Nu

    a very nice roundup with very nice and fresh designs. but what this entry made it special was adding palettes. you really gave me inspiration in purple, thank you

  9. Naomi Niles

    Thanks for mentioning our site (Intuitive Designs)! :)

    We decided to go with purple mainly because it’s rare on the web and we thought it would help it stand out. Well, that and the fact that purple is my own personal favorite color of the moment. Can’t do that on client sites, but you can do what you want on your own, right?

    It was hard to try to find a way to do it that wasn’t too feminine and we were worried it might turn people off because it was “too much” purple.

    But, so far we’ve gotten a lot of good feedback. So, it worked out well. :)

  10. piervix

    Great article, I’m loving the color purple. Do you know why, Michy?

    Thank you Michela.

  11. Phil Stringfellow

    You forgot mine!!


    Only joking :P Cool list, seems as though purple is the way forward!

  12. mece

    Well I don’t know, but I hope so.. :D

  13. Sune

    Just wanted to add this one: http://www.Salaam.dk

    pretty purple to me :)

    Nice post!

  14. Caffery

    I love this colour so much, and I am using it very often in my designs.

  15. Nirav Patel

    Hi Michela,

    Thank you for sharing such a knowledge with the world… Purple is really a trend now a days… Even we have desinged one before few days… You should check this out… http://truevine.iqrconsulting.com

  16. TJ

    My fiancee Erin and I just completed our wedding website all done in Purple, check it out at http://tjanderin.com

  17. juicer

    I’m sorry, but Purple is one of the worst colours for online unless you designing for the elderly, the local crystals store of Edna the psychic.

    Perhaps a highlight colour here and there, but dont let it dominate.

    The psychology behind purple is really interesting and there are enough articles written on psychology of color.

    But I would add that purple os one of those dangerous colours that is VERY subjective and is far more easily to alienate than others.

    Having said this we just developed a site in purple at the direction of a client – but you’ll never see us letting anyone know what it is.

  18. Tom Gatenby

    Nice article and love purple, our website is purple and although a few people warned us of the connotations of using purple, every client we’ve had in has so far commented on how nice it is to see a purple website, not sure why it’s seen as so different but it obviously sticks in peoples minds. http://www.squashedpixel.co.uk if you want to check it out

  19. Christoph

    A friend of mine works at Puma (the sports brand) and he once told me that in a sales analysis by color, the result was that shoes or fashion using purple have the least sales.

    Me, I love purple though – it’s an often overlooked color, but it can be elegant like black and at the same time innovative, since it is not used that often. Would definitely like to see it used more!

  20. Alex Flueras

    Nice article with great layout examples. I would mention another website that uses purple in combination with other colors: http://www.studioweber.com.

  21. Codephase

    nice collection! seems like purple is the new black!

  22. Web Design Singapore

    Purple has never been on my list of favourite colours, but after looking at the examples given on your article, it has changed my mind a great deal about the colour. Thanks for sharing this awesome post!

  23. Francesco Colella - pix web agency

    strange but not bad

  24. Rui


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