35+ Free Comic and Cartoon Fonts For A Funny Design

35+ Free Comic and Cartoon Fonts For A Funny Design
  • 14 July 2009
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  • This post was written exclusively for PV.M Garage by Piervincenzo Madeo
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In a previous post, 20+ High-Quality Free Fonts for Retro and Vintage Design, we collected some useful fonts for your graphic and web works. Again we take a look around for good stuff that could help your design process and here we have selected other free and high quality fonts.

This is a round-up for cheerful and fresh design. In fact the items of the list is not functional for clean and high-readable artwork, because the expressive power is in their funny and cartoon-style effect.

I think this is a complete complitation, but if some of your favourite fonts are missing tell us using the comments.

Cartoon-style and Comic Fonts

SF Plastick Comic

omic and Cartoon-Style Font

Que Fontita

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Comic Andy

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font


Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Fighting Spirit

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Go Boom!

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Komika Poster

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font


Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Onomato Shark

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

SF Comic Stript

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Yard Sale

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Flying Leatherneck

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font


Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Turkey Sandwich

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Crash Test

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Fast Action

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Series Orbit

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Masked Marvel

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Bottenbreker TV

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

VTC Scream It Loud

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Chunky Comix

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Qixstix 1.0

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font


Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Komika Axis

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Universal Fruitcake

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font


Comic and Cartoon-Style Font


Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Bayou Cowboy

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Helter Skater

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Esquisito Regular

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Ziperhead (from popdog_fonts.tripod.com)

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Flim-Flam (from abstractfonts.com)

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Adam Warren

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

JL Quixs

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Island of Misfit Toys

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Just Another Font

Comic and Cartoon-Style Font

Do You Need Fonts?

On PV.M Garage we share only amazing stuff, take a look to the following links to find other useful fonts.

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Author: Piervincenzo Madeo

From a little city in the South of Italy, a web designer, a coder, a blogger. This is Piervincenzo, just a guy who has a great love for creativity and enjoys making high-quality stuff and sharing good information about web design and development.

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