7 Fantastic Galleries of Creative Logos to Inspire Yourself

7 Fantastic Galleries of Creative Logos to Inspire Yourself
  • 25 April 2009
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  • This post was written exclusively for PV.M Garage by Piervincenzo Madeo
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During the implementation of a new project one of the most sensitive issues is the process for the creation of the logo. A symbol, a distinctive feature, a unique expression that describes the essence of the mission it’s very important for a win business plan. A logotype must be simple, appropriate and explicative.

The creation of a logo for any business requires a preliminary phase in which the designer’s creativity have a fundamental importance, for this reason having a good source of inspiration it could be extremely helpful.

If you abuse, this kind of approach might be harmful for the odness of the work; but maybe it is an excellent starting point to identify new trends and rules for creating a good logo.

Here we’ve collected 7 fantastic Galleries of Creative Logos to help you during the creative brief of your logo design.







Logo Of The Day

Logo Of The Day





Vector Logo Database | Free Logo

Vector Logo Database | Free Logo

Once you’ve got your logo designed, try putting it on some promotional products to spread the word.

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